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Buriganga River

The Burigangais a small river of 27 km, which passes through south and west of Dhaka city. This river connects Dhaka through other channels tortes of the Bengal and beyond and this factor was a prime consideration for choosing Dhaka as the capital of Bengal by the Mughals. Originated from the Dhaleswari at Kalatia it joins with the Turag at Kamrangir Char. Dhaka river port is the busiest river port in the country. Every day near about 200large and small motor vessels and hundreds of boats carry near about30,000 passengers and commercial goods to and from various parts of the country. The historical palace of Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, and 18 century Armenian Church is situated by the side of the Buriganga River You can also taste the mouthwatering foods of old Dhaka here.


In the distant past, a course of the Ganges river used to reach the Bay of Bengal through the Dhaleshwari river. In the 20th century the water table and river became polluted by polythenes[clarification needed] and other hazardous substances from demolished buildings near the river banks.

The course of the Padma, as the main course of the Ganges is known in Bangladesh, changed considerably during the period 1600 to 2000 AD. It is difficult to trace accurately the various channels through which it flowed, but the probability is that it flowed past Rampur Boalia, through Chalan Beel, the Dhaleshwari and Buriganga rivers, past Dhaka into the Meghna estuary. In the 18th century, the lower course of the river flowed further south. About the middle of the 19th century the main volume of the channel flowed through this southern channel, which came to be known as Kirtinasa. Gradually the Padma adopted its present course.


How To Go

Sadarghat-bound bus, human hauler, CNG, tempo, or rickshaw can be reached from anywhere in Dhaka. There is  bus service from Gulistan in Dhaka. You can also go by private car or auto CNG rickshaw.