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Jhaudia Shahi Masjid

Jhaudia Shahi Masjid located about 21 km southwest of Kushtia town and about 6.5 km west of the Kushtia-Jhenaidaha highway, is locally attributed to a saint. Adjacent to the mosque there is also a ruinous tomb. Muslims and Hindus gather there every day, particularly on Friday, and offer special prayers for gaining the saint's grace. The identity and date of the saint are not known.

The mosque has been thoroughly repaired and a verandah added in the east. Recently the Department of Archaeology, Bangladesh has taken the monument under its protection, removed the verandah, and made some minor repairs with a view to bringing it back to its original shape and design.


How To Go

Kushtia can be reached by four-wheelers, Bus, or train. Auto-rickshaw can be taken from the Kushtia town to reach Jhaudia Shahi Masjid