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Himchari National Park

Himchari National Park is a major national park and nature reserve in Bangladesh. The park is located at Ramu and Cox's Bazar Sadar Upazila, Cox's Bazar District, in the southeast region of the country. It is located mainly on the hills and is adjoining to the Bay of Bengal to the west. Himchari National Park covers approximately 1,729 ha (17.29 km2) of mixed evergreen forests Biome. It was declared a protected area in 1980.

Himchari National Park is Established in 1980 with an area of 1729 ha, the Himchari Park is a beautiful tropical forest with more than 100 species of trees. It is near the town of Cox’s Bazar. The Park is enriched with 55 species of mammals. 13 species of amphibians, 56 species of reptiles, 117 species of plants, and 286 species of different kinds of birds. There are stairs to ride to the top of the hill from where a spectacular view of green hills and blue water is available. The park has a small waterfall. The nearby sea beach is a popular beach with red crabs.

How To Go

Cox's Bazar is connected by road and air with Chittagong. You can take a private car to Cox’s Bazar from any place in the country. From Cox Bazar, you can easily take a CNG or Jeep or Private car to visit Himchori National Park.